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MIPFormats International Pitch

MIPFormats International Pitch


The MIPFormats International Pitch is a pitching event for individuals and companies with innovative concepts for new, non-scripted entertainment formats.

MIPFormats International Pitch

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Submit your Unscripted TV idea to experts and turn your creativity into successful TV content. 

What is MIPFormats

MIPFormats is an international trade show for the format industry, which is a sub-event of MIPTV. It is held annually in Cannes, France, and provides a platform for the creators and distributors of television formats to showcase their concepts and find new business partners.

MIPFormats is a key event for the format industry, attracting a large number of industry professionals, including format creators, production companies, and broadcasters, from around the world.

The event provides an opportunity for attendees to network, explore new business opportunities, and discover the latest trends and developments in the format industry.

What is TV Format

A TV format is a blueprint or a structural model for a television program. It describes the basic elements, such as the concept, format, and story structure, of a TV show and serves as the template for its production and distribution.

TV formats can be original ideas or adaptations of existing shows, and they can range from reality programs, game shows, and talk shows to dramas, sitcoms, and docuseries.

The ownership and licensing of TV formats has become a significant business in the entertainment industry, as successful formats can be sold and adapted for different countries and cultures.

A TV format typically includes details such as the length of the program, the number of episodes, the structure of each episode, and the types of scenes, characters, and story arcs involved.


The MIPFormats International Pitch is open to creators and producers from around the world to present new and original, non-scripted entertainment formats.

The content has not been commissioned, broadcast on linear television or non-linear television, or exhibited in any other manner and the worldwide format rights are still available.

The call for entries is open to all creators and producers

  • Finalists have to be registered participants at MIPTV
  • Submit your project by filling out the "MIPFormats Project Pitch" online form.
  • All submissions shall be made in English.

Pitch Materials

Each party seeking to enter the competition  must submit the following materials to RX France (maximum 3 submissions per individual or company).

The Pitch presentation (2 pages max. on a WORD, PDF, or on a PowerPoint document) shall include:

  1. A detailed format description including an opening paragraph that summarises the format pitch or logline
  2. A realistic approach to shooting schedules, broadcaster budget, legal restraints
  3. A clear statement of the target audience and a view on where the format would fit in the broadcast schedule
  4. A biography/filmography of the producer
  5. 2-min elevator pitch: a video of the creator pitching the format is required
  6. Any additional materials will be welcome

The MIPFormats International Project Pitch is sponsored by FOX Entertainment’s in-house unscripted studio, FOX Alternative Entertainment.

The winner receives a US$5,000 prize to develop their concept and opportunity to be part of FOX’s US$100m International Unscripted Format Fund.

MIPFORMATS Pitch Deck Example

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