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ACID Cannes

Acid Cannes

ACID Cannes

ACID Cannes aims to support independent filmmakers and promote the distribution of their films internationally.

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ACID (Association for the International Distribution of Independent Cinemas) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1990 at the Cannes Film Festival. 

ACID is a professional organization that works to improve the conditions of distribution and exhibition of independent films. Its members include film distributors, cinema owners, and other industry professionals who are committed to promoting and supporting independent cinema.

One of the key initiatives of ACID is the ACID Cannes program, which takes place during the Cannes Film Festival. The program includes daily screenings of films selected by ACID, as well as events and discussions aimed at promoting the distribution and exhibition of independent films.

In addition to the ACID Cannes program, the organization also offers support and resources to its members, including access to a network of industry professionals, information on distribution and exhibition opportunities, and training and professional development opportunities.

ACID is considered an important organization for independent filmmakers and those working in the film industry, as it provides a platform for promoting and supporting independent cinema and helps to improve the conditions of distribution and exhibition for independent films.

What is Acid Cannes

ACID promotes films among cinema programmers in over 400 independent venues (partner and/or member) in collaboration with distributors.

ACID organizes over 450 discussions, masterclasses, and concerts with directors, scriptwriters, actors, and composers in order to educate and diversify audiences.

While there are no specific awards associated with the ACID program, the exposure and recognition that comes from being selected to participate can be an important step in the career of an independent filmmaker. The opportunity to screen their film at Cannes, engage with industry professionals, and build connections can help to further their careers and increase the visibility of their work.

ACID Distribution

Films supported by ACID are watched throughout the year by programmers from 100 festivals in over 40 countries worldwide. These international partnerships allow them to discover and access films that often do not have a distributor or a sales agent as well as the filmmakers' trips for a hundred Q&A each year.

Films supported by ACID are seen by programmers from over 100 festivals in over 40 countries around the world throughout the year. These international collaborations enable them to discover and access films that do not have a distributor or sales agent, as well as the filmmakers' trips for a hundred Q&A sessions each year.

ACID Community

Since its inception, the association has been fighting against film exposure disparities and developing policy proposals to improve the distribution of independent cinema.


Education is an important part of ACID's activities, which include collaborations with school boards, high schools, universities, cultural associations, and the organization of screenings for schools and workshops in vacation centers and penitentiaries. When new films are released, ACID also publishes pedagogical documents.

Audience Network

The Young Ambassadors share and discuss their favorite films with their friends and family, spread the word about screenings, and even co-organize screenings with the help of ACID member movie theaters. It is also a place of learning and discovery, with Q&As organized throughout the year between film crews and the association's filmmakers, as well as talks from those who make the films.

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