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Film Markets in Cannes

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To sell your project at film markets in Cannes, you need a completed short film, documentary or feature film.

How to Get Distribution at Film Markets in Cannes

Selling your film at markets can be a great way to find distribution opportunities and generate revenue. Here are some steps you can follow to sell your film at markets:

  1. Choose the Right Market: Research various film markets and choose the ones that are most relevant to your film and your distribution goals.
  2. Prepare Your Film: Make sure your film is ready for market screenings, including completing post-production work and having a high-quality print or digital file.
  3. Create a Sales Kit: Prepare a sales kit that includes a synopsis, director's statement, and production stills, as well as a trailer or other promotional materials.
  4. Network and Meet with Buyers: Take advantage of opportunities to network and meet with buyers, sales agents, and other industry professionals at the market.
  5. Schedule Screenings: Schedule screenings of your film at the market and be prepared to provide a private screening for interested buyers.
  6. Negotiate Sales: Negotiate the terms of any sales or distribution deals, including the rights and revenue sharing, and have a lawyer review any agreements.
  7. Follow Up: After the market, follow up with any potential buyers or partners and keep them informed of any developments with your film.

Note: Selling your film at markets can be a competitive process, and it's important to be prepared, professional, and to have a clear understanding of your goals and expectations. It may also be helpful to have a sales agent or distribution consultant to help with the process.

Sell your Film at Film Markets in Cannes
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