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Directors' Fortnight Submission

Submit Film to Directors' Fortnight

Directors' Fortnight Submission

Feature Submission Deadline: [node:field_publish:end_date:medium]

Submit your short, documentary or fiction film to Directors' Fortnight, who select films that express individual talent and original directorial style.

To submit a film to the Directors' Fortnight, a parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival, you must follow the following steps:

  • Check the eligibility criteria: Make sure your film meets the eligibility criteria for the section, which include being a first or second feature film by a director, being independently produced, and not having been released in France prior to the festival.
  • Prepare your submission materials: Gather all the necessary materials for your submission, which typically include a completed entry form, a synopsis, a director's statement, a screening copy of the film, and stills from the film.


Directors' Fortnight submissions pays particular attention to the production of fiction features, short films and documentaries that are the expression of an individual talent and an original directorial style.

  • Films must have been made within the 12 months preceding the previous Cannes film festival
  • With the exception of foreign films in their country of origin, they should not have been presented at any international festival or film event (except in the context of a film market)
  • Films must not have been shown on the Internet or broadcasted on TV or commercially released in France
  • If selected a DCP or a 35mm print will be required for the screening
  • Every feature film invited to be in competition must be released theatrically in France in accordance with French legislation pertaining to media chronology rules.
  • Short and medium length films (under 60 mins) are uploaded to our platform during the registration process.


Films selected by the Directors' Fortnight are screened in Cannes with French subtitles (for foreign films) and English subtitles (for French films).

Films submitted for preselection can be presented:

  • Without subtitles if the original language is French or English
  • With French or English subtitles for all other original languages


The Directors' Fortnight is a parallel selection of the Cannes Film Festival that premieres a wide variety of films and spotlights the most singular and visionary practices of modern cinema.

The Directors' Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival stands out from the other screening programs because of its commitment to free speech, its lack of a competitive atmosphere, and its openness to audiences that aren't film industry insiders through its subscription and single-ticket sales model.

It has always been the case that the Directors' Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival is a non-judged, non-competitive selection that is open to both industry professionals and regular festivalgoers.

A group of dedicated experts hand-picks these movies, which they then present to an appreciative audience.

The Directors' Fortnight has helped broaden the range of topics and filmmaking styles showcased at the Cannes Film Festival since its inception.

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