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Acid Cannes Submission

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Acid Cannes Submission

Submission Deadline: [node:field_publish:end_date:medium]

Submit your film to Acid Cannes who will promote and support your film for theatrical release in France and abroad.


Films must fulfill the following requirements: 

  • Feature films (fiction and documentaries running time 60 minutes minimum)
  • Films with no previous theatrical release in France television broadcast, internet or VOD
  • Films not selected in Berlin / Venice / Locarno Screening formats in Cannes: DCP with French and English subtitles Films produced after May 1
  • For films without a French distributor: Films produced for cinema (no Television Film)
  • If the film is scheduled at ACID CANNES, English subtitles for French films; English and French subtitles for non-English films; French subtitles for English-speaking films

Acid Screenings

The screenings, open to professionals and the public are followed by Q&As with the film crews and ACID filmmakers in attendance.

The films shown in Cannes are then accompanied by ACID with the filmmakers to the various stages of theatrical release:

  1. search for distributors
  2. promotion
  3. programming
  4. audience research.

Acid Cannes who work closely with distributors among cinema programmers in over 400 independent venues.

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